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Banger Meeting Previews


Meetings worth paying a visit in the near future.

Saturday March 1st Birmingham- 2000cc Ipswich- 1600cc RAID OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday March 2nd Smeatharpe- 1800cc World Qualifier Warneton- Unlimited Open 1 Skegness- 1500cc Westworld- 1800cc Fozzy Memorial Buxton- 2000cc Snow Shifter Warton- UNLIMITED METAL MANIA Saturday March 8th Mildenhall- British Qualifier Sunday March 9th Northampton- 2000cc Arena Essex- UNLIMITED SHAKEDOWN Standlake- 2000cc Saturday March 15th Kings Lynn- UNLIMITED EAST ANGLIAN CHAMPIONSHIP & 2000cc Sunday March 16th Hednesford- 2000cc SPRING CLASSIC Arena Essex- Nationals Friday March 21st Mildenhall- 1400cc SUFFOLK TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Westworld- Vans & Unlimited Sunday March 23rd St Day- 1800cc BONESHAYKER CHAMPIONSHIP Warneton- 1650cc EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Wimbledon- UNLIMITED WORLD FIG 8 CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc Monday March 24th Brampton- 2000cc Hednesford- 2000cc Northampton- Unlimited Arena Essex- 2000cc Team Qualifier Dover- British & Masters Qualifier Ipswich- Unlimited Vans Standlake- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Belle Vue- 2000cc Kings Lynn- 1500cc Commentators Cup Westworld- 1800cc Ringwood- UNLIMITED SPRING OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Buxton- 1400cc OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday March 29th Cowdenbeath- 2000cc Sunday March 30th Arena Essex- 2000cc Nutts Corner- 2000cc IRISH CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday April 5th Mildenhall- BBA SUPREME CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday April 6th St Day- 1800cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Barford- UNLIMITED SPRING OPEN Brampton- 2000cc Hednesford- Unlimited Blitz Arena Essex- 1600cc & Ladies Standlake- 1800cc Smallfield- 2000cc Coventry- 2000cc Buxton- 2000cc Saturday April 12th Kings Lynn- 2000cc Sunday April 13th Warneton- UNLIMITED UK v CONTINENT Arena Essex- 2000cc & Caravans Dover- 2000cc Westworld- 1725cc PRE-75 CLASSICS Saturday April 19th Mildenhall- 1400cc Cowdenbeath- UNLIMITED WORLD CUP Ringwood- 1800cc Pot of Gold Sunday April 20th Brampton- 2000cc Mendips- 1800cc World Qualifier & Coaches Arena Essex- Nationals Standlake- 2000cc Saturday April 26th Birmingham- 2000cc Incarworth v Buxton Sunday April 27th Hednesford- 2000cc Arena Essex- 1600cc & Ladies Dover- 2000cc Kings Lynn- 2000cc Westworld- Unlimited Nutts Corner- UNLIMITED SHAMWRECK **Fleet- UNLIMITED BAZZA MEMORIAL** Saturday May 3rd Mildenhall- British Qualifier Coventry- Unlimited Sunday May 4th Brampton- 2000cc Horndean- 1400cc Micros Mendips- UNLIMITED THUNDERBOLT Arena Essex- 2000cc Wimbledon- PRE-75 CLASSICS Smallfield- 1400cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Monday May 5th Smeatharpe- Micros & Triples Hednesford- Unlimited & Caravans Northampton- 2000cc Fig 8 Mendips 1800cc World Qualifier Arena Essex- 2000cc Team Qualifier Dover- Unlimited Vans Standlake- 1400cc & Rollover Belle Vue- 2000cc Kings Lynn- 1500cc Fig 8 Westworld- 1800cc Best Pairs Buxton- 2000cc NORTH & MIDLAND CHAMPIONSHIP Ringwood- Unlimited Remembrance Day Saturday May 10th Birmingham- 2000cc Best Pairs Sunday May 11th Arena Essex- 2000cc RWD Fleet- 2100cc Westworld- 2000cc Sheffield- UNLIMITED BATTLE OF BRITAIN Saturday May 17th Mildenhall- Unlimited Vans Sunday May 18th Hednesford- 2000cc Arena Essex- UNLIMITED SHOOT-OUT Yarmouth- 1600cc Ron Emmerson Memorial Standlake- 1800cc & Unlimited Mr Bean Memorial Kings Lynn- 2000cc Saturday May 24th Mildenhall- 2000cc Cowdenbeath- 2000cc Sunday May 25th Brampton- 2000cc Mendips- 1800cc Nigel Cook Memorial Arena Essex- Nationals Smallfield- 2000cc Westworld- 1800cc CORNISH CHAMPIONSHIP Monday May 26th Smeatharpe- UNLIMITED CRASHARAMA Brampton- 2000cc Hednesford- 2000cc & Motorhomes! Northampton- Unlimited Fig 8 Mendips- Unlimited World Qualifier Arena Essex- Vans Arlington- 1400cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 2000cc & Caravans Belle Vue- 2000cc Kings Lynn- Unlimited Vans & Car Derived Vans Buxton- 2000cc Fig 8 Thursday May 29th Skegness- 2000cc Saturday May 31st Mildenhall- PRE-70 CLASSICS Sunday June 1st Northampton- 2000cc HEART OF ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 1600cc & Ladies Fleet- Unlimited Saturday June 7th Ipswich- 2100cc HURRICANE Kings Lynn- 1500cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday June 8th Warneton- UNLIMITED WORLD CUP Horndean- 2000cc Young Guns v Oldies Hednesford- 1650cc NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc Dover- 2000cc Standlake- 2000cc Westworld- UNLIMITED CORNISH CHAMPIONSHIP Wednesday June 11th Arlington- Unlimited Saturday June 14th Mildenhall- 2000cc Ringwood- Metros Sunday June 15th St Day- Unlimited Blockbusta Wildcard Brampton- 2000cc Arena Essex- Metro Pairs Bovingdon- Metros Saturday June 21st Birmingham- 1650cc Kings Lynn- 2000cc & Unlimited Bandit Memorial Sunday June 22nd Smeatharpe- All Sunnies Westworld- 1400cc Micros Arena Essex- 2000cc Team Qualifier Dover- British & Masters Qualifier Smallfield- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 1800cc & UNLIMITED SUMMER OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday June 28th Mendips- 2000cc RWD Ford Mildenhall- British Qualifier Cowdenbeath- 2000cc Sunday June 29th Brampton- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Birmingham- 1400cc MIDLAND CHAMPIONSHIP Mendips- 2000cc BBA ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc Essex v Kent Saturday July 5th Ipswich- UNLIMITED UK v CONTINENT Kings Lynn- 2000cc Sunday July 6th St Day- 1800cc World Qualifier Arena Essex- 1600cc & Ladies Dover- 2000cc Ipswich- UNLIMITED OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 2000cc Coventry- 1400cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Buxton- 2000cc Buxton v Incarworth Tuesday July 8th Smeatharpe- 1400cc Vintage Tin Night Saturday July 12th Mildenhall- UNLIMITED SUFFOLK OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday July 13th Brampton- 2000cc Hednesford- UNLIMITED VETERANS & 2000cc OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- Nationals Westworld- 1800cc Buxton- UNLIMITED KING OF THE PEAK Saturday July 19th Ringwood- 1200cc Micros Sunday July 20th Smeatharpe- UNLIMITED TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Barford- UNLIMITED GREAT NORTH CHAMPIONSHIP Warneton- Unlimited Red Car Day Arena Essex- 2000cc Smallfield- UNLIMITED OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- PRE-76 CLASSICS HOOKY MEMORIAL Tuesday July 22nd Skegness- 2000cc Wednesday July 23rd Arlington- UNLIMITED SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday July 26th Mildenhall- BBA BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday July 27th Brampton- 2000cc Funny/Davo Memorial Horndean- UNLIMITED TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Northampton- 2000cc **Mendips- 1650cc FILO MEMORIAL** Arena Essex- 2000cc RWD Kings Lynn- Micros Friday August 1st Coventry- UNLIMITED MASTERS Saturday August 2nd Ipswich- 2100cc VOLCANO Kings Lynn- 1500cc Sunday August 3rd Arena Essex- 1600cc & Ladies Dover- 2000cc KENT TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Warton- 2000cc HESP MEMORIAL Wednesday August 6th Westworld- 1800cc & Caravans Saturday August 9th Mildenhall- 2000cc RWD Ringwood- 2000cc & UNLIMITED TORNADO Sunday August 10th Brampton 2000cc Hednesford- UNLIMITED KRASH KINGS Arena Essex- Nationals Orgles Memorial Fleet- UNLIMITED CLASSIC Standlake- 1200cc Micros Ringwood- 2000cc & UNLIMITED TORNADO Tuesday August 12th Skegness- 2000cc CRASH ATTACK OPEN Wednesday August 13th Arlington- 1650cc PRE-75 CLASSICS Westworld- 1800cc Saturday August 16th Birmingham- 2000cc Cowdenbeath- UNLIMITED SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday August 17th Smeatharpe- Micros Northampton- 1400cc OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc Team Eliminator Kings Lynn- 2000cc TSR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Buxton- 2000cc Peggy Marson Memorial Saturday August 23rd Mildenhall- 1400cc Sunday August 24th St Day- UNLIMITED BLOCKBUSTA Brampton- 2000cc & Ladies Mendips- 1800cc World Qualifier Skegness- Unlimited Wreckfest & 1500cc Westworld- 1800cc & Unlimited Bonebuster Henham- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Monday August 25th Brampton- 2000cc & Ladies Hednesford- 2000cc & Boats! Northampton- Unlimited & Caravans Mendips- Unlimited & Caravans Arena Essex- Vans Dover- 2000cc Masters Qualifier & Rollover Standlake- Unlimited Vans Belle Vue- 2000cc Westworld- 1800cc & Unlimited Wednesday August 27th Westworld- 1800cc Saturday August 30th Mildenhall- 1400cc Sunday August 31st Arena Essex- 2000cc Bovingdon- 2000cc OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday September 6th Kings Lynn- UNLIMITED WORLD OF SHALE, PRE-70 CLASSICS & 2000cc TEAMS Sunday September 7th Smeatharpe- UNLIMITED AUTOSPEED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Warneton- UNLIMITED EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Northampton- 1800cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 1600cc & Ladies Dover- UNLIMITED KENT CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 2000cc Coventry- 2000cc Buxton- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Wednesday September 10th Westworld- Unlimited Saturday September 13th Mildenhall- Car Derived Vans Sunday September 14th Brampton- UNLIMITED OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Horndean- 2000cc & UNLIMITED OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc Yarmouth- 2000cc RWD Kings Lynn- 1500cc Smallfield- 2000cc Saturday September 20th Mildenhall- OLD SKOOL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Cowdenbeath- 2000cc Ringwood- 2000cc Diesels Sunday September 21st St Day- 1800cc CORNISH CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- PRI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 1800cc & Unlimited Beech Memorial Buxton- Vans Wednesday September 24th Arlington- UNLIMITED ARLINGTON CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday September 28th Brampton- 2000cc Warneton- UNLIMITED 2x2 Hednesford- PRE-68 CLASSICS Arena Essex- 1600cc Skeefy Memorial Dover- MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP Bovingdon- Vans Westworld- 1600cc Best Pairs Saturday October 4th Mildenhall- 2000cc Sunday October 5th Northampton- Unlimited Mendips- UNLIMITED WEST OF ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Skegness- 1500cc Pam Storr Memorial Fleet- UNLIMITED OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 2000cc Buxton- 2000cc GOLD CUP Saturday October 11th Kings Lynn- 2000cc Ringwood- WORLD VAN CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday October 12th Smeatharpe- Car Derived Vans Brampton- 2000cc Warneton- Unlimited Open 2 Hednesford- 2000cc WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Arena Essex- 2000cc Olly Moran Memorial Westworld- 2000cc Best Pairs Saturday October 18th Mildenhall- ACCUMULATOR CHAMPIONSHIP Cowdenbeath- 2000cc SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday October 19th Barford- UNLIMITED OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Brampton- 2000cc Arena Essex- Grand Slam Standlake- 1400cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday October 25th Birmingham- 2000cc & Caravans Mildenhall- DD Night & Caravans Kings Lynn- 2000cc PRE-70 CLASSICS Sunday October 26th Smeatharpe- 1800cc TEAMARAMA Brampton- 2000cc Totty Memorial Northampton- 2000cc Westworld- 1800cc Buxton- 2000cc George Mycock Memorial Saturday November 1st Ipswich- Unlimited Gala Night Arlington- Unlimited Gala Night Kings Lynn- 1500cc NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Ringwood- 1600cc Reg Slack Memorial Sunday November 2nd Hednesford- 2000cc Arena Essex- UNLIMITED FIRECRACKER Standlake- 1800cc & Unlimited Belle Vue- 2000cc Sunday November 9th Mildenhall- 2000cc ORC TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Westworld- 1800cc Saturday November 15th Ipswich- UNLIMITED SPEDEWORTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday November 16th Warneton- Unlimited Open Final Standlake- 2000cc Saturday November 22nd Birmingham- UNLIMITED CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Ringwood- UNLIMITED BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday November 23rd Mildenhall- 2000cc TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Buxton Westworld- 2000cc Saturday November 29th Birmingham- 2000cc DH Videos Open Sunday November 30th Ipswich- 1600cc ALLSTAR TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Standlake- 1800cc & Unlimited W/C Videos Open Sunday December 7th Wimbledon- Metros Westworld- 1800cc Buxton- 2000cc Winter Smash Sunday December 21st Warneton- Unlimited Xmas Trophy Sunday December 28th Barford- UNLIMITED BATCHELORS BLITZ Grimley- 2000cc OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Westworld- 1800cc Xmas Cracker